In West Bromwich, Sandwell and Birmingham we are not in Lock down like the Media would like you to believe or close to being put in lockdown, but some parts of the surrounding areas like Leicester and the North West could be. 
When i say that you may think no the shops are open I am allowed to go out I am allowed to go to the gym and I’m allowed to have friends round practicing social distancing and face masks obviously, ridiculous I know! 
That is not the point that I am trying to make. 
Are you still comfortable to go to these social places, eat out at your favorite restaurant, exercise at your local Gym and continue with your Health and Fitness Journey which is what I find helps me not only earn money again with my personal training, it stops me from not going insane, as much as I like doing zoom workouts, home workouts I need to have to be able to go to the Gym of which I am grateful that I can. (that’s another Blog). 
The Government & Media has not helped with people’s fears, first it was no need to wear masks they do not help, then changing it to we MUST wear masks and keep social distancing, (not sure if it is one meter or two? 
This kind of back and forth with the guidelines don't encourage confidence which has left everyone uncertain what the Hell is going on, speaking to different people of all ages & backgrounds they all are still in fear, hence ‘in mental lockdown’. 
The push back must begin against Covid! No that does not mean not wear a mask go to parties, riot and forget about any guides we have been given. Far from it. We must at some point get back to some kind of normal living (whatever normal is to you). 
The Best way to encourage confidence is to simply keep yourself Fit and Healthy. 
Immune systems respond well to eating better, exercising and getting adequate rest this will put you in a good position to fight of any kind of virus along with other health issues. 
This is an approach that we all should be taking regardless of covid, again the media will say oh there is no evidence to support this, but I say show me the evidence which says this kind of lifestyle don’t? hmm? 
Eat Whole Foods 
Eat your greens eat less processed food and consume the correct amount as a rule of thumb 3 meals a day, you don’t need to be counting your calories weighing your food meal prepping and all the rest of it just start making better food choices 
If you are still too worried to go to the gym THAT’S OK, workout online even better do this in the garden, go to the park for a walk, whatever you enjoy and prompts you to get moving JUST DO IT. 
I have a Zoom class twice a week, for your first class you can join in for free just leave me your contact details on my home page or drop me a message I will gladly send you the link, you can do this by contacting me here.  
Just fill in the form and I will be in touch with the details. 
Lower your stress levels not just mentally but physically too, the body repairs while you sleep (lets not get bogged down with science) If you would like to read more on this then read this article from one of UK leading health brands I use and sell their products to my clients on a regular basis (again that’s for another blog) 
The mind needs to rest to have calmness not to worry about the daily problems we have as we go about our day, try not watching tv so much and consuming the news. 
These are just some thoughts i wanted to share, hopefully I have given you something to think about. If you know of anyone who is in Mental Lockdown please share. 
Thanks for reading one of my first of many blogs. 
Keep updated and click the instagram icon at the bottom of the page to follow me. 
Or if I can be of any assistance do not hesitate to get in touch! 
Yours Sincerel
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