If you're truly committed To Changing Your Life.... Let me share how I have  helped Hundreds of Women with my Unique Coaching Method   Before you move on please watch this video entirely 

It Will Show You How I Can Teach You To Use Fitness As A Vehicle To Help You Create Sustainable Habits That Will Have You Looking & Feeling Confident by Enhancing Your Mindset... Forever. 

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The Empowerment Program Is Not Just About Transforming Your Body.... 

You Will Reprogram Your Mind To Sustain Results For Life. 

Create Accountability With Yourself use my systems to create small adjustments to your lifestyle and habits to reinforce change with sustainable results 
Stop Living In A Place Of Disappointment with results. 
This program teaches you how to create habits and routines that fit your busy lifestyle. 
Reclaim Your Confidence by showing up as a role model for your children and taking back control of your life 
"Joining The Empowered Community is about more than just starting a workout program, you're joining a community of like-minded women who have one thing in common. 
A focus and drive to achieve nothing less than their full potential." 

My Empowerment Program Consists Of Four Pillars,  using the Hormone Reset Protocol To Guarantee Your Success: 

The Hormone Reset Protocol is to make sure we are dealing with issues at a deeper level to maximize your fitness training, 
so you can look & feel more confident, energetic, and fulfilled. 
We do this without limiting you or forcing you to drastically change your lifestyle.  
Instead, we craft a custom program that's designed to fit into your existing routine that works around your priorities and commitments. 

Pillar 1 Hormonal BluePrint 

Most times than not, your mindset is the number one thing holding you back. At some point, you may have stopped believing in yourself, doubted yourself, or thought that the goals you had were too far out of reach. Step one to changing your lifestyle and achieving your goals is to align your mindset and mentality with those goals. Removing any sense of doubt or uncertainty and ensuring that you're starting each day with a sense of purpose and a concise plan for achieving success in your career, relationships, and fitness. 
Before we start the program we go through an on boarding Phase, this will determine where you are mentally, with your nutrition & your activity levels. It does not stop there, each day for 7 to 10 days we will be gathering Bio-feedback to determine your state of being, stress management, sleep, digestion and how you are feeling throughout the day with your energy levels. All of these factors play a huge role in Hormonal Rhythm Disruption. In most cases this is why you have not seen the results in the past due to only focusing on your workouts and nutrition, it goes a lot deeper than that and this is why I use this approach to set you up in the best way possible to see success, giving you a great start to put us in the right direction as to what we need to laser focus on. 

Pillar 2  Hormonal Fuel 

Building a healthy Gut Environment is key here, this will make sure that your Gut flora is optimised to absorb all the food that you consume, making sure you benefit from all the macros, vitamins, nutrients & minerals which will benefit you on a hormonal level, this can play a huge part on an emotional level as we call the Gut the 2nd Brain due to the signals and feedback that is sent to your Brain.  
Stage one is to reset your metabolism! 
You will learn how to use food as a fuel to increase your performance in every aspect of your life. You will learn how to use food as a tool to help you sustain your energy levels throughout the day, feeling full and satisfied while burning body fat around the clock. Nutrition is about finding the foods that work best for your body to maximize your mental and physical performance, without being forced to eat the same bland meals day in and day out. 
Your will use a flexible nutrition strategy with free access to monthly meal plans that include calculated macros and calories, meal calendars and shopping lists as well as a which provides over a 100 easy to use and healthy recipes that will teach you the fundamentals behind planning and preparing a healthy diet that helps you achieve your goals while feeling your absolute best. 

Pillar 3  Hormonal Reboot 

No more working out without a plan or no idea of what you should be doing. You will be armed with a daily blueprint that is structured to ensure you're working to look the way you want without having to sacrifice the time you look forward to most with your family and loved ones. You'll be given the exact routine needed to look the way you want while having the energy to be the best version of yourself during the times it matters most. 
Your customised Training plan is designed to be done at home with or without any equipment & if you do decide to go to a gym we will add another plan so that you can benefit from either working out at home or the gym, this way you can be consistent. The workouts are designed to reboot your metabolism unlike all the HIIT workouts and running you may have done in the past. The program is designed specifically for you and your goals, everything is taken into consideration including your current progress, experience, limitations, and unique needs. Your program is built to focus specifically on helping you most efficiently and effectively reach and surpass those goals. 
The best part about it? This program is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to teach you how to workout on your own after you finish the program, to know what to do & understand why you are doing it the way that you are, even long after you have finished the program. 

Pillar 4  Hormonal Recovery 

Rest & Recovery is as important as any of the other pillars on this program, quality sleep plays a vital role on you losing fat and changing your body composition, look at it this way, this is where you get paid for your efforts daily.  
Managing your stress levels will help lower your Cortisol levels, hightening your Serotonin (happy hotmone) & can literally make you live a much fuller, happier life each day. You will have less cravings which makes you less likely to binge!  
You will have a morning and evening routine which is strategically done to help your circadian rhythm & have a better quality sleep, waking up with more energy, a good mood and feeling empowered to tackle you day ahead. 
Do not under estimate the power of this Pillar, social media will have you believing that you need to starve yourself, train everyday, leaving your hormones all out of sync leaving you tired. hungry, stuck and eventually giving up! 
Do this the right way once and for all & be in the best shape of your life forever! 
Joining The community is about more than just starting a workout program, you're joining a community of likeminded women who have one thing in common. 
A focus and drive to achieve nothing less than their full potential. 
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