Supporting Busy Professional Women 40+ to take back control of their weight & habits using  
The Hormone Reset Protocol 

HAVE YOU:  Tried all the diets & online workouts without any lasting results?   Lacking in confidence because of what you see in the mirror?  Struggling with your Energy levels & productivity?  Feel pain in your joints and unable to do simple daily tasks?  Struggling on a hormonal level with how you feel, think & behaviours? 

WOULD YOU LIKE TO:  Lose weight and keep it off forever?  Wear the clothes you have always wanted to?  Be a role model within your family and social circles?  Able to enjoy your favourite foods whilst keeping in shape? Live a healthy lifestyle without being in the gym allday-everyday? 

“The Empowerment Program” Is designed specifically for YOU! 
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"Joining The Empowered Community is about more than just starting a workout program, you're joining a community of like-minded women who have one thing in common. 
A focus and drive to achieve nothing less than their full potential." 

You Will Reprogram Your Mind To Sustain Results For Life. 

Create Accountability With Yourself use my systems to create small adjustments to your lifestyle and habits to reinforce change with sustainable results 
Stop Living In A Place Of Disappointment with results. 
This program teaches you how to create habits and routines that fit your busy lifestyle. 
Reclaim Your Confidence by showing up as a role model for your children and taking back control of your life 

My Empowerment Program Consists Of Four Pillars,  using the Hormone Reset Protocol To Guarantee Your Success: 

The Hormone Reset Protocol is to make sure we are dealing with issues at a deeper level to maximize your fitness training, 
so you can look & feel more confident, energetic, and fulfilled. 
We do this without limiting you or forcing you to drastically change your lifestyle.  
Instead, we craft a custom program that's designed to fit into your existing routine that works around your priorities and commitments. 


What are the benefits of  The Empowerment Program?  You will benefit from everything I usually do with my in-person clients, except coaching will be carried out via email, text, Whatsapp and an easy-to-use app on your phone. 

Tailored and bespoke exercise plans designed with the equipment you have access to, whether this is at your home or the gym you use. 
Tailored nutrition advice, meal plan ideas and recipes for whatever you eat - whether you are vegan, vegetarian, dairy/gluten-free or have any other dietary requirements. 
Habit coaching: Each month we will break habits and make a sustainable change. 
Accountability: Even though we are not coaching in person, you will be as accountable to me as I will be to you. 
Hybrid coaching: If you can make it to train with me in person, we'll meet up once every fortnight or monthly (whatever works best for you). This way, we get to brush up on your technique. I can then personally check your body stats and make sure your workouts are at the correct level and intensity. 
You're very own Online trainer, Personal trainer dedicated to you're success, with lots of human interaction from me personally. 
Joining The community is about more than just starting a workout program, you're joining a community of likeminded women who have one thing in common. 
A focus and drive to achieve nothing less than their full potential. 
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