Supporting corporate women to lose 10 kg while looking & feeling 10 years younger using the Hormone Reset Protocol 

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DO YOU:  Want to make a life long transformation    To be more productive in your every day life?  Want to become the best version of you, regardless of the past?  Want more energy & have that spring back in your step?  To be a role model to your kids, your family & everyone that is around you day to day? 

HAVE YOU:  Not known the best way to deal with your nutrition?  Not had the right guidance or support of a good coach to help you meet your desired goal?  Had the wrong mindset towards change and can't find structure around your lifestyle?  Been trying for years with yo-yo dieting, bad programs & PT's and not reaching your full potential? 

"Just finished the The Empowerment Program. I can’t thank Danny more for the motivation, encouragement and guidance he has given me. I have been able to see my fitness improve week on week and lost 10 kgs during the time following the meal plan and workout sessions. Not only that but it’s had a dramatic improvement on my mental health and my stress levels. With work crazy and a hectic home life I always thought “I don’t have time” where as now I realise the importance of making time and the benefits of this. Thank you and can’t wait to continue my journey !" 
Chrelle Wheeler 
“I wanted to tone up, have a better shape and wanted to lose the excess fat I was carrying. I ran regularly but would always feel achy and have pain in my hip which then made me reluctant to run. 
The Empowerment Program was planned around my busy schedule which helped me build up my strength and went through a series of corrective exercise to keep me strong and injury free. 
During lockdown I lost all the excess weight and now have the shape I have always wanted. 
I'm so focused at work right now I have excelled at work and as a result I am now one of the Top performing advisors in my company and have achieved various accolades. I now run 10k without any pain or injury, 
Thanks Danny for your dedication to helping me achieve my best” 
Bobby Dhesi 
“Before I started with Danny's program I had gained alot of weight after having my baby, I was so busy being a new mom I was still struggling with putting on even more weight and with lockdown I felt like I had no energy or time to find a way of losing the excess pounds. My size was affecting me & I got to a point where I didn't want to gain any more weight & I was willing to do what I needed to do to get back to My Best. 
I got in touch with Danny and decided to start The Empowerment Program, 6 weeks into this program & I'm so glad I decided to take action (as I nearly talked myself out of it) 
It's hard for me to get my head around now that I have lost 8kg in 6 weeks. I feel so much better and know that within the next 6 to 8 weeks I will be at my goal or not far off. Soooo happy I made the right choice just want to say "Thanks Danny", if you are on the fence thinking should you get a coach I highly recommend you do; Best choice of 2021 so far!” 
Christina Veis 
"Starting The Empowerment Program was the best choice I have made. He listened to my overall goals of fitness, and provided my nutrition and focused on my problems with certain areas of my body.  
The program pushed me to do the best I can and made me excel further than I would achieve by myself. 
I feel fantastic and feel so confident. I am an international pageant queen. Ms Galaxy, and Galaxy Pageants is one of the top 5 pageant systems in the world and as you can imagine I have many watching what I do, so I want to share my fitness work with you” 
Rubie Marie 
"Before I approached Danny I was working night shifts; had little energy, constantly lethargic, was putting on weight, I could not figure out a way to turn this around, by the time I got home I was mentally and physically drained from working night shifts in a hospital. I tried lots of other ways to turn this around but would always end up feeling like I was not getting anywhere. I started Danny's Empowerment program & within the first 2 WEEKS I had a better attitude towards training. Within 4 WEEKS the results of sticking to the new plan were really beginning to be clearly seen. 
WEEK 10 - 12 feeling happier and not having to worry about what I should eat, I have learnt a sustainable way to fuel my body in a way that I can now go out and enjoy meals at restaurants without having to follow a restricted diet . 
I was so happy that I did the program and lost the weight before my wedding later on in that same year. 
Appreciate all your help Danny, Thanks for attending my wedding." 
Nimrit Nandra 
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What are the benefits of  The Empowerment Program?  You will benefit from everything I usually do with my in-person clients, except coaching will be carried out via email, text, Whatsapp and an easy-to-use app on your phone. 

Tailored and bespoke exercise plans designed with the equipment you have access to, whether this is at your home or the gym you use. 
Tailored nutrition advice, meal plan ideas and recipes for whatever you eat - whether you are vegan, vegetarian, dairy/gluten-free or have any other dietary requirements. 
Habit coaching: Each month we will break habits and make a sustainable change. 
Accountability: Even though we are not coaching in person, you will be as accountable to me as I will be to you. 
Hybrid coaching: If you can make it to train with me in person, we'll meet up once every fortnight or monthly (whatever works best for you). This way, we get to brush up on your technique. I can then personally check your body stats and make sure your workouts are at the correct level and intensity. 
You're very own Online trainer, Personal trainer dedicated to you're success, with lots of human interaction from me personally. 
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