Welcome to the Kettlebell Strength Program. 

Kettlebell training can work out all the muscles that you use in everyday life, making daily activities easier, whilst also improving your posture. The fluid swinging movements often used in kettlebell workouts are also easy on the joints. 
So be kind to your body and pick up some kettlebells! 

This Program is now £149.99  


Kettlebells are a great way to strength and build more muscle once you start to move into compound movements 


More compound exercises will build your fitness at a faster rate and speed up your metabolism which will burn more fat. 


A huge variety of movements that will help your mobility & be easy on your joints. Kettle bells will help you to move better. 


The Kettlebell handle is shaped in such a way  
that is ideal for holding the weight in many different 

The Program 

The Program is conveniently all in one App just follow the "Getting Started" steps which will show you how to get the best out of the program. Tools are all included to work out your ideal weight, how to track and work out your calories and macros 


A Full Calender Planner for what to do each day, even on your day off to make sure you are still keeping active. Track your exercise & activity each and every day.  


Workouts are programmed from day one up to the end of week four, with demonstration videos, guides and how much sets, reps and rest. Easy to follow and to progress on your workouts each week. 


These Recipes are so useful, they are  
easy to cook and delicious at the same time, once your macros are worked out it's so simple to calculate what to eat each day. A list of breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and snacks leaving no room to ruin your progress. 

This Program is £149.99 

What is included? 

Three Sessions a week, demonstration clips for each and every exercise with instructions and easy to follow routine! 
Calender with what to do for what day from workouts to recipes to even how many steps you did each day. 
Tracking tools, calculate your target weight, what your body fat% is, this will then enable you to work out what calories & macros you should be eating. 
Recipes are all included with macros & calories calculated for each meal, a tasty variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert & snacks. 
Saturdays live zoom class is included for every Saturday morning, can't make the class? No problem join our private Facebook group to get access to the recording! 
All of this in one App that you can access at any time of the day. 

This Program is now £149.99 

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