Based just a few miles from Birmingham’s bustling city centre, here at Griffin Fitness I provide personal training and fitness coaching designed to help you to meet your goals. Whether you’re entering the fitness world for the first time, looking to lose weight or build muscle, or are an experienced fitness guru, I’m here to help. 

To find out more, please fill in your contact details and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Highly recommended weight loss coach in Birmingham. 

Losing weight is something many struggle with, but with the help of the right weight loss coach you can be on the right track to meet your goals. No more yo-yoing between fad diets, instead we’ll focus on sustainable fitness and dietary plans which will allow you to reach and maintain your target weight, while providing you with all of the nutrition you need for a healthy lifestyle. 
Interested in learning more about my healthy meal plans? Take a look at my recipe packs

Virtual Fitness Training 

We’re proud to provide both in person and virtual fitness training, perfect for those with busy lifestyles, or who prefer to train outside of a gym. 
We will work together to put together a training program which is achievable, sustainable and tailored to fit around your lifestyle. I will provide you with suitable meal plans, which will take care of all of your nutritional needs and we will check in on a regular basis to help keep you accountable. 
This virtual fitness program is proving to be incredibly popular with customers in and around the Birmingham area, thanks to its flexibility suited for those with even the busiest lifestyles. There’s no need to travel to the gym and so finding the time to put your health and fitness first is much simpler. 

Performance Coaching In Birmingham 

Looking to improve your performance? Need a coach to keep you accountable? I’m here to help. I take pride in providing performance coaching to help you work towards your fitness goals. If you are looking to improve upon your strength and conditioning, then my tailored plans are perfect for your needs. 
I will work alongside you to establish your fitness goals and to help you to keep on track to becoming a stronger, fitter, healthier you. 
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