Are you based in Walsall, looking for a local, reliable personal trainer who can help you to meet your targets? Here at Griffin Fitness, we are based just a few miles from the bustling city centre of Birmingham, just twenty minutes from Walsall. 
I founded Griffin Fitness when I began my journey as a personal trainer over eight years ago. In that time, I have worked alongside dozens of clients each on their own individual fitness journeys, determined to meet their goals. Whether you’re already an experienced fitness guru looking for that extra motivation, or are just getting started, I can help. 

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Helping Clients Near Walsall To Lose Weight 

I am often approached by clients looking to lose weight, but unsure where to start. They have usually found themselves hopping from one diet to the next, none of them sustainable. I often hear “I just can’t stick to it” or “It just isn’t working”. The fact of the matter is that fad diets simply do not work. The best way to lose weight is to live an active lifestyle while eating a rich, nutritious diet which offers you everything you need. 
I can help you to learn more about this sustainable approach, creating a personalised fitness plan tailored to meet your specific requirements which will give you an opportunity to work towards meeting your goals, while I offer you all of the support you need along the way. 
Interested in learning more about what a sustainable diet might look like? Take a look at my healthy recipe packs

Virtual Fitness Training in Walsall 

Not only can I provide in person training, but I also specialise in virtual fitness training. This is the perfect solution for those who have particularly busy lifestyles, or simply favour training outside of a gym environment. 
Working alongside you to put together an achievable training program, tailored to fit around your existing lifestyle, we will curate an approach which simply will not fail you. Putting too much pressure on yourself will not be sustainable, so instead I’ll help you to make the most of the time that you do have available for training with the best exercise routines and meal plans to support your needs. 
This virtual fitness program is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its incredible flexibility, able to fit in with your lifestyle without you needing to worry about making a lengthy commute, or perhaps on those days when you’re simply not up for meeting in person. Whether you would prefer a fully virtual training program, or a combination of face to face and virtual fitness, I’m happy to work around your own needs and preferences. 

Looking To Enhance Your Performance With A Personal Trainer Near Walsall? 

Are you based near Walsall, searching for a reliable personal trainer who will help you to enhance your performance and exceed your goals, you’ve come to the right place. I take pride in my experience working with many clients, offering performance coaching services which enable them to continue to improve their skills and get them in their best possible shape. I 
If you’re in need of a personal trainer to encourage you to improve upon your strength and conditioning, my tailored plans are designed to help you to become a stronger and healthier you. 
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