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Griffin Fitness Testimonials 
See what my clients say about me, taken from Google my Facebook and Bark reviews all 5 star! 
"I've been training with Danny for the past month and I can't recommend his training programmes enough. His expertise and guidance through my strength and conditioning sessions have been amazing. He has introduced new modes of training whilst incorporating boxing drills. 
I really struggled with my eating habits during the first lock down, the nutritional expertise Danny has offered has led to more daily structure and prolonged energy during my training sessions. It is entirely worth the investment in myself and i would recommend anyone to reach out and take that first step. Danny is professional, committed and doesn't take any nonsense, he will expect results just as much as you will so be prepared to work hard and to see results, quickly!." 
Harj Shemar 
"Just finished the 4 week lockdown challenge. I can’t thank Danny more for the motivation, encouragement and guidance he has given me. I have been able to see my fitness improve week on week and lost 8lbs during the time following the meal plan and workout sessions. Not only that but it’s had a dramatic improvement on my mental health and my stress levels. With work crazy and a hectic home life I always thought “I don’t have time” where as now I realise the importance of making time and the benefits of this. Thank you and can’t wait to continue my journey!." 
Cherelle Wheeler 
"Thank you for the consistency and balance of full body workouts and meal plans. You’ve helped my kick start my healthy living again! I feel better already and have developed a strong mindset and will continue to improve my fitness. 
The meal plans were so useful and encouraging to eat well. I particularly like the fact that you have a lot of plant based and vegan options too. Thank you for being diverse." 
Gurpreet Dardi 
"I started working with Danny on a 1:1 early 2020... really looking forward to each session & being pushed physically out of my comfort zone. 
When the gym closed Danny helped me keep my weekly fitness routine by working out a monthly Online Coaching schedule alongside a healthy Meal Plan individual to me each month. I currently follow two online coaching sessions a week & also twice weekly join in with the zoom fitness classes Danny is currently running. 
He is always ready to answer & help with any queries I have with my Online Coaching & follows up with me after each session to see how it went. 
I feel so much better in myself; have so much more energy & feel I'm building up my strength after each workout online. 
I can see the results/progress I've made already with shifting my stubborn 'fat areas' I have hated for years! 
Online Coaching & Danny's zoom fitness classes have meant I haven't missed out on not being able to utilise a gym, I have been able to keep up a regular weekly fitness routine from home as well as benefiting from the nutritional meal plans he schedules for me monthly. 
Danny knows/understands his profession well, he takes the time to individually get to know you & talk through your struggles with exercise/diet, your fitness goals & he then builds up your monthly coaching sessions based on what you want to change/achieve. 
I like that he encourages you to push yourself physically, albeit in a 'tough love" style...which actually makes me focus & do better??!!! 
I respect him for his extensive knowledge about his profession & wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as an Online Trainer/Coach to anyone looking for PT/1:1 sessions but isn't able to go to a gym due to personal time limitations. 
My only regret is that I didn't meet Danny & start my fitness journey with him years ago!
Sarita Chahal 
"I first started training with Danny almost 3 years ago, after I sustained an injury to my knee a few months previously. We both sat down and devised and tailored a plan, unique to myself and my needs. Since then, I have noticed a difference in my physique, as well as my strength and confidence, which have increased at a rate suitable for me personally. Danny always pushes and guides me in the right way, understanding my capability and also my limitations; he will always keep safety paramount. I personally like Danny’s style more so because he’s quite calm and relaxed In his approach and balances this with the motivation and encouragement he provides; he’ll never let you slack off but he doesn’t need to scream 
Down your ears to achieve results! He is also very knowledgeable in his field with regards to the physical and nutritional aspects of healthy living. I always feel better at the end of my session! Thank you Danny!." 
Rohini Gogna 
"I've been training with Danny for a few months now and he's actually converted me into enjoying the gym. Danny's sessions are well thought through and varied - he mixes it up and keeps it interesting. He's really committed to seeing you progress and meet your health and fitness goals. Danny is encouraging and pushes you just the right amount. He's also really knowledgeable and happy to share nutrition advice and re: treatment around injuries/health niggles. I'm really happy with the progress I've made with my fitness levels since starting with Danny. Highly recommend Danny if you're looking for a PT!
Rafa Khanom 
"I’ve been a client of Danny’s since May 2019 and highly recommend him for his professional advice and support, not just in helping me to achieve my fitness goals but sports massage for injury also. I have suffered hip pain recently and not been able to run due to this. After one session, the pain has disappeared and I’m ready to run again. Thank you Danny!! 
Bobby Dhesi 
"Excellent personal trainer. Very committed to his clients. Patient but strict. 
Offers a very comprehensive approach to fitness. 
Dietitian support and great motivator.." 
Sonia Valcarreres 
"Great personality, good work ethic, committed to individual goals and certainly knows how to push the limits💪🤜👍... 
....Oh and a funny bloke😂” 
Talbinder Sunner 
"So, I've not trained since June, lost all motivation. Its not something I like doing; working out. When Danny launched the 4wk challenge I signed up thinking, it'll get me started again and really, although some sessions are SO tough, its been great and my fitness levels are definitely up. I've even managed to go 3 jogs outside on my own. Only 30mins but it more than I was doing 4wks ago. The 4 sessions a week are such a great balance of mobility, strength and cardio. Thanks Danny... you got me off the sofa!." 
Kally Dhatt 
"I started training with Griffin Fitness since July 2016 and it's the best choice I have made. He listens to my overall goals of fitness, and provides my nutrition and physio for my problems with certain areas of my body and works with my body stats to give me the best look for me. He pushes me to do the best I can and makes me excel further than I would achieve by myself. 
I feel fantastic and feel so confident every time. I am an international pageant queen. Ms Galaxy, and Galaxy Pageants is one of the top 5 pageant systems in the world and as you can imagine I have many watching what I do, so I want to share my fitness work with you who is also my sponsor, the best, Griffins Fitness." 
Rubie Marie 
"So just before my 40th bday I decided to start having PT sessions... I was at a point in my training that I just needed that extra push and I was getting bored with my own workouts...Danny is fantastic, can't sing his praises enough, he kicks my ass in the sessions but I leave feeling so good, and it was just the push I needed... I've always had problems with the cellulite on the back of my legs at the top.. and they look sooooo much better... i did session 8 today... and even managed to get a spasm in my hamstring but the greatest thing having a PT who's a physio too he got his lil ball out (that sounded better in my head and within a few mins it was sorted.. pain gone and was able to carry on...if your thinking about it, then don't and just do it you won't regret it!! #fitat40 #teamdannygrif #feelfabulous #anchorgyms #personaltrainer #hesthebest." 
Bal Mann 
"I'm the owner of Anchor Gyms based in West Bromwich in Birmingham, we recruited Danny as a PT. He has proved to be very popular with our members and has great fitness knowledge and work ethic. 
Danny is also my PT, and from a personal point of view he has helped me reach my own health and fitness goals within varied sessions. I enjoy each and every session he instructs as it's not boring and I can see the results!" 
Mani Kaur 
"Danny is an all time legend. I approached Danny at the start of 2016 as I had always been overweight and as I was coming up to my 30th and I had enough.I have been to many personal trainers in the past and all they made me do was cardio, cardio and more cardio. Danny took his time to understand my background, where I come from, what I do and what sort of person I am. He then used this to structure a plan for both exercise and healthy eating. 
He gave me the knowledge and understanding of what I should be eating and when. This gives me the freedom to still go out and socialise with friends and family and still stay within my plan and keep the weight off." 
Manny Singh 
"Need a personal trainer? Get ready for the summer with Danny Grif. Every session is awesome. Get in touch with him ­ highly recommended. Stick to what he says and you can do it. Danny has helped me get my body fat down from 26% to 13% and helped me lose just over 10kg fat since Jan 2017 whilst building muscle. 
The only downside is I need a new wardrobe and all my old clothes don't fit me but I can deal with that because that means shopping!!! #ifuknowuknow #doitproperly #workhard #eatclean #trainhard" 
Ricky Nandra 
"I started training with Danny middle of June as I felt I needed that spark of motivation which was missing. He did not disappoint! I have been gyming for years on and off but here it's different, he's kick started something now that always makes me want to do better. It's not only about how you train but also I have a wealth of knowledge about healthy eating too which is all down to Dan! I told him my goal was to get back into my Versace suit I wore 10 years ago and 10 weeks in I've done it! Cannot thank my man Danny Grif enough." 
Bal Singh Aujla 
What I appreciate about Danny's work ethic is that I'm not allowed to think 'I can't or couldn't' but he'd break it down so I can manage it and over time I'd achieve something that I thought was the impossible. Apart from fitness he is never reluctant to share his expert knowledge, educate and give tips about nutrition which quite easily and quickly became a part of my day to day lifestyle including night shifts at work. What I have achieved in 14 weeks (so far!) has made me more confident, leaner, stronger, gain a better posture and have received nothing but compliments from family and friends. But this couldn't have been possible without Danny's continual guidance and support in and out of the gym. He is someone who is passionate about fitness and is a master in his craft. I'd recommend him without hesitation if you're willing to make a positive change in your life. Thank you for allowing me to think 'I can do and will do' and become that confident person I'd always strive to be. Looking forward to the future sessions together. Nothing but love and appreciation. Keep up the fantastic work x 
Nimrit Nandra 
"I've been training with Danny for a couple of months now and although I hate to say it, the sessions are great. They're never the same so boredom doesn't set in and I'm feeling fitter and stronger. Ta Danny." 
Kavita Gogna 
"Training with Danny has become a hobby not a chore. He caters for the needs of each specific client and designs bespoke yet very enjoyable sessions! Sharing knowledge around eating and how to stay on track out of the gym is just a small part of the constant guidance Danny offers. Highly recommended & you'll see a huge difference!" 
Gurps Grewal 
We agreed it was best to do at least 2 sessions per week to maximize the returns on the investment I was going to make, therefore I chose 7am on a Tuesday and Friday morning. I had no idea what was in for me when I rocked up to see Danny for my first session, I guess there was fear I was going to die of exhaustion… quite natural for everyone I guess. To my amazement, I ploughed through it, it was not easy, but then it didn’t kill me off either. I came away feeling like I had taken one of the best steps in my life. 
Danny advised he wanted to do a consultation with me as I agreed my diet/habits needed to change. The consultation was one of the best hours I have ever spent. That one hour alone allowed me to think differently about what I was eating but also what I was missing from my diet in terms of essential nutrients your body needs. Since that hour consultation, I have sorted out my breakfast, lunches but also stopped snacking in between them, this is a BIG part of my diet puzzle I drastically needed. the supplement’s Danny suggested has made me feel ‘a million dollars’, no overstatement here, it’s taken me 30 years to realise the things I was missing from my diet. Danny’s training sessions are great, really varied so you never get bored but always challenged. 
I love meeting him at the Alexandra stadium and doing track work! Yes I now love running and can actually run quite a distance and recover very fast! 
Doing 2 training sessions per week and then 3-4 30 minute sessions per week on my cross trainer at home along with my diet changes from the consultation has allowed me to shed around 12.5 kilo’s over the space of 6 months. Whilst its not rapid weight-loss, more importantly its a lifetime sustainable lifestyle, that's a very key difference. My resting heart rate now fluctuates between 54-55 BPM, which is incredible given where I came from. 
For my birthday, I purchased a FitBit charge HR, I absolutely LOVE this device too, it has encouraged me to create a food diary that allows me to track what I am eating. This device/app allows me to make INFORMED decisions on what I eat and the impact it’s going to have. I cannot stress the importance of this, we make WAY too many unconscious decisions where our food is concerned. I still love eating what I want (within moderation of course) and this is great, no crazy non carb diet only eating chicken or drinking shakes 3 times a day with no goodies in between, I feel I have the freedom as long as I keep the other aspects in shape. 
I guess in summary, there is no easy route to change your lifestyle for the better, it takes hard work and effort. Every unconscious calorie you shove into your mouth will take 5 times more effort to get rid of it. Danny has helped me realise this, but more importantly give me the tools to resolve it permanently that are most importantly sustainable forever, I don’t think I could live without the supplement’s that all of my family has now included into their diet. Danny is not going to be there looking over your shoulder when you decide to pig out, Danny is not going to force you to train when you cannot be bothered, its is ALL in your control that will take motivation. 
This is a 'selfie' of me taken in August 2015 before i smashed a 14k Run, in November 2015 i will be registering for the Stafford half marathon, if you read all of this you will know that i always hated running, NO WONDER i hated it when i was carrying all that fat with me! Therefore, if i can do it, let me assure you, you can too, Do the training and Follow Danny's advice and you will see for yourself! 
Dan (Walsall, IT Professional) 
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