We all have things in our lives that have challenged us over the years, 
especially if you are like me and over 40. 
Maybe you have been to some dark places not only once but multiple times, 
You always find your way back, every time you do this you become a little bit stronger for the next problem you will have to overcome 
As we get older we realise that this is part of life and to enjoy the good times, 
We can be sure something will ALWAYS happen that will take us out of that happy place. 
I have had many setbacks through the years, I guess you have too! 
Fingers crossed i have never had to deal with a life threatening illness, 
I have a roof over my head and a job that I love, that brings me satisfaction. 
and for that i feel blessed. 
For some this is not possible I understand that, 
maybe what you have had to go through was just too much and you had to seek medical advice for whatever it may be. 
No matter where you are or how down you feel take some baby steps, 
If you can't go to a gym 
Do something at home 
If you can’t do that then go for a walk without your phone. 
Practice some form of meditation or simple Breathing exercises 
I'm not saying you have to do a hard workout, do anything to get you moving and release your feel good hormones, 
lowering your stress levels, better circulation and more quality sleep. 
There is zero chance of this having a negative impact on you. 
Sometimes i just cannot be bothered but i do it anyway. 
I feel so much better after i do a workout or taking the dog for a walk & keeping myself busy, 
My mood and productivity increases. 
but to get out of wherever you are right now or for the future, 
start to put something in place, no need to be perfect, just get started. 
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