What can help manage your symptoms? 
well, there are 3 principal areas. 
This is a huge topic & not everyone will experience the same symptoms, 
some go through it as early as 34 & then some as late as 59, 
One thing is for sure; it is coming! 
We know, the average woman spends a 3rd of her life during this time whether that is Peri/Post Menopause, 
So, what can help manage your symptoms? 
well, there are 3 principal areas, which are: 
you have little control over your Genetics, but you can make a few significant changes to your Lifestyle & Environment 
If I were to advise to make changes as early as 30 years old to prepare for the Menopause, would you? 
Or if you are already going through this, would you tell your younger self to have started preparing for it then? 
Hindsight is a wonderful thing; I would have a whole book of advice for my younger self. 
Any how, 
one of the symptoms I want to address today is Osteoporosis, 
Osteoporosis occurs when the bone mass decreases more quickly than the body can replace it, leading to a net loss of bone strength. 
As a result, bones become fragile. 
As you can see from the picture, there is evidence of osteoporosis & curvature of the spine caused by spine fractures... 
Prevention is key, preparing for it well in advance of menopausal age by doing Weight-bearing exercise and resistance exercise are important for improving bone density. 
Muscle-strengthening activities focusing on your core is a preventative measure... 
Statistics prove Women are more likely to suffer with this than Men. 
Type I: 
May occur in postmenopausal women: accelerated and disproportionate trabecular bone loss and associated vertebral body and distal forearm fractures 
The bone density has a T-score OF less or equal to -2.5 
anything above -1.0 is considered normal 
1 IN 3 women over the age of 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures 
A woman’s risk of breaking a hip is equal to her combined risk of Breast, Uterine & Ovarian cancer. 
Statistics & Studies: https://www.iofbonehealth.org/facts-statistics 
Osteoporosis does not have the awareness 
as much as Breast & Ovarian cancers, 
There seems to be no urgency, 
(When in fact there should be, do not underestimate the impact this can have on the quality of life.) 
Why is that? 
Could it be, society cares less for the elderly, 
maybe because they are not a part of the workforce anymore? 
I am sure you do not want to become a burden to the family or end up in a care home? 
so, in our society strangely this does not alert any urgency, 
but it should. 
One thing is for certain, 
We WILL ALL get old 
& unfortunately if you have not taken steps 
to live a better and optimal life in your older age, 
You are leaving it to chance and hoping for the best, 
A huge risk! 
Let me leave you with something to consider, 
Menopause is where you are not producing as much oestrogen 
(a whole new topic) 
Oestrogen decreases the activation of Osteoclasts which degrade bone & bone resorption 
and less Progesterone function, which boosts activation of osteoblasts (which is needed for bone resorption) 
The earlier this starts the more you are at risk 
what you can do is change your environment 
& make lifestyle changes. 
Stress is a major factor to producing less Oestrogen & Progesterone, 
So next time you say you are too BUSY to look after your health, 
you are adding more stress & IF you are in Menopause or over 40; 
then the fact is, 
you need to show a bit more urgency & attention towards your health! 
I tried to make this as short as possible, 
I will be posting a teaching inside of my private group, 
going over everything in more detail, 
You can get access to it when it is posted by joining here: 
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