"He did not disappoint!" - Bal Singh Aujla 
"He pushes me to do the best I can" - Rubie Marie 
"He gave me the knowledge and understanding of what I should be eating and when." - Manny Singh 
"Danny is fantastic, can't sing his praises enough" - Bal Mann 
"Every session is awesome." - Ricky Nandra 

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About Danny Griffin at Griffin Fitness 

I Support People with busy schedules showing them how to become the best version of themselves. When I first started out as a Personal Trainer (PT) some 8 years ago, I was a regular gym-goer, but I never really got to grips with the nutrition side of fitness. Like most people, I trained a few times a week and ate well 3 or 4 days in a row, but I was making very little progress. 
As we know in the Health and Fitness industry, there is a lot of clashing information, and the average person does not know what is right and what is wrong. Once I passed my Personal Training Diploma (PTD), I continued to further my knowledge, taking at least one new course a year. These included: Anatomy, Remedial Therapy & Massage, corrective exercises, Physio, Advanced Nutrition & Optimum Health, Strength & Conditioning Level 4 and countless seminars! 
From these courses, I started to understand more about the human body and how it works. Working with clients over the years, I started to learn more about the psychology of how everyone struggles with their own journey - it is definitely not one size fits all! 
Today, I can happily say I know what it takes to get fit and healthy after my own transformation and helping others with theirs at Griffin Fitness. For some people, it is more of a mental challenge while for others, it is how they look - everyone has their own reasons. The most beneficial tool in tailoring a plan is using COMMON SENSE; all the knowledge in the world won't help unless you know how to apply it to each individual. 
Everything is about my clients! I love to hear their WOW moment or when they drop a dress or jean size. As a PT, I take on board their fears and their needs. I have a responsibility once they have honoured me with helping them and it’s a new challenge every time! Health and fitness is my passion and any of my clients will tell you I can talk for hours when it comes to this subject, just like I am probably going on a bit too much now... 
Listening to my clients and understanding their story is an important factor. Therefore, when I receive a testimonial, I ask my client to write a little description of their own story and how Griffin Fitness helped, which you can find here. 

Danny Griffin's Qualifications 

NABBA Diploma Level 3 Personal Training 
Remedial Therapy Massage & corrective exercises 
Lorisian Practitioner (food intolerance testing) 
Advanced Nutrition and Optimum Health 
Bio Mechanic and Functional Movement Screening 
Insured by FITPRO 
Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach 
Health Practitioner CMA Registered 
Level 3 First Aid 
Master Class with Umahro Cadogan for Gut Health and Immunology 


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